Humanities Research Grants

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On behalf of the Society for the Humanities, the Humanities Council awards modest grants of up to $3,000 for research in the humanities from a fund provided by the Vice Provost for Research. Faculty members holding regular tenure-track or tenured appointments in humanities departments are eligible to apply. Applicants cannot have received Humanities Research Grant funds within the previous academic year.

The Council invites applications to support a variety of projects, including (but not strictly limited to) the following models: 

  • Research and travel support for a range of research and book projects, from those in planning to those near completions
  • Support for public-facing endeavors such as performances, exhibitions, apps, and online projects with a research component and the potential for public engagement or social impact
  • Translation support for one’s own work as a translator, including research, archival work, consulting manuscripts, collaboration with scholars, and hiring graduate student support, including both projects in the planning stage and projects under contract
  • Support for international collaborative research with one or more scholars from abroad, with preference given to interdisciplinary and innovative proposals that may have a methodological impact and involve interested faculty and students in such activities as seminars and round-tables
  • Support for visits to Cornell for collaborative research and discussion, to help defray expenses for visits of a week or longer by outside scholars who would work collaboratively with groups of faculty and students at Cornell, and may conceivably be applied to organizing a small conference that brings several scholars to campus to collaborate on a joint venture with research benefits for the community

Funds from this grant cycle are intended to support activities occurring through August 15, 2020. Please note that this funding pool is not intended to defray costs associated with publication or to support travel to attend a conference.

The competition will be adjudicated by the Humanities Council.

Application Guidelines

Applications should consist of the following materials:

  1. Proposal title
  2. Brief project description with a plan of work detailing what one proposes to accomplish during the grant (2-4 pages)
  3. Applicant CV
  4. Brief budget proposal
  5. Supporting documents as appropriate
    1. Translation or monograph project book contract
    2. CVs of any collaborators or visitors
    3. For activities with a visitor, note proposed activities and groups involved in the activities

Please send all materials to Kina Viola at in one .pdf file by October 20th, 2019.