Interdisciplinary Monograph Writing Group

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The Society for the Humanities announces the 2020-21 Interdisciplinary Monograph Writing Group, an experimental initiative designed for faculty writing monographs. One applies as an individual. Successful individual applicants will then form one writing group of 3-5 people that will meet regularly to discuss work-in-progress. Funds for the Interdisciplinary Monograph Writing Group are intended to support activities related to writing and publishing the proposed monograph.

Grants of up to $1000 per participant will be awarded to the group. Depending on demand, the Society may fund a second Monograph Writing Group. All Cornell faculty are eligible to apply; preference will be given to assistant and associate professors.

The Interdisciplinary Monograph Writing Group will be expected to schedule meetings occurring regularly enough that each member can present work-in-progress twice during the course of the year. Such sessions should offer substantive group discussion of each individual chapter or work-in-progress. Groups may schedule other, optional activities, as desired.

Applications should present an outline of the book project; a list of what has been achieved so far; a schedule of the chapters one plans to write as part of the Monograph Writing Group; a short budget. Funds are to provide research support for each member (books, archival work, etc.). Alternatively, a member may dedicate all of his or her funds to bring in a visiting scholar or an editor to workshop a manuscript. In this case, one can apply for an additional $500 to help realize this type of intensive support and fine-tuning of a manuscript.

The competition will be adjudicated by the Humanities Council.

Application Guidelines

Applicants should submit the following materials as one .pdf file:

  1. A book description of no more than 5 pages (1,500 words), including how much of the project has already been accomplished and in what form (drafts, conference papers, published articles, etc.)
  2. A plan of work (including a timeline) detailing what one proposes to accomplish with the monograph writing group
  3. A brief CV (5 pages maximum)
  4. A brief budget. Funds may be used for the following categories: a.) up to $1,500 in research funds per member of the group; b.) bringing a visiting scholar to Cornell to conduct a workshop for the individual or group (with the possibility of applying for additional funding); c) supporting manuscript preparation costs (e.g. proofreader, editor, etc.).

Please send all application materials in a single .pdf to Kina Viola at

Not currently accepting applications.