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Invited Fellows
M. Michel de Certeau (16th and 17th-century cultural history, Universities of Paris and California)
Richard Lanham (English, with special interest in the history of rhetoric, University of California, Los Angeles)
Wilfried Barner (Classical traditions in German literature, University of Tubingen)
Daniel Heartz (Musicology, University of California at Berkeley)

Society Fellows
Richard J. Becherer (University of Virginia)
Elena Ciletti (Hobart & William Smith Colleges)
Michael Fend (Warburg Institute)
Theresa M. Kelley (University of Wisconsin)
Lois Rosow (Ohio State University)
John D. Shields (Illinois State University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Laura Brown (English)
Patricia Carden (Russian Literature)

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows
Albert Fernandez (Comparative Literature)
Andrew Ford (Classics)
Lionel Joseph (Medieval Studies)
Paul Sullivan (Anthropology)
Jean Wilson (Art History)


Invited Fellows
Phyllis Pray Bober (Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr)
John Murdoch (History of Medieval Science and Philosophy, Harvard University)
Annabel Patterson (English, University of Maryland)

Society Fellows
Christine Brousseau (Harvard University)
Fritz Graf (Ohio State)
Victoria Kahn (University of California at Berkeley)
Judith Koffler (Pace University School of Law)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Frederick M. Ahl (Classics)
James John (History)

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows
Albert Fernandez (Comparative Literature)
Andrew Ford (Classics)
Lionel Joseph (Medieval Studies)
Paul Sullivan (Anthropology)
Jean Wilson (Art History)


Invited Fellows
Stephen Greenblatt (English, University of California at Berkeley)
Jacques Ravel (History, New York University)

Society Fellows
Barbara J. Bono (University of Michigan)
Kurt Heinzelman (University of Texas)
Mary Lydon (University of Wisconsin)
Barbara J. Reeves (Harvard University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Susan Buck-Morss (Government)
John Najemy (History)


Invited Fellows
Moshe Barash (Art History, University of Jerusalem)
Peter Williams (Music, University of Edinburgh)

Society Fellows
Donald K. Hedrick (Kansas State University)
Robin F. Miller (Harvard University Russian Research Center)
Rudolf Wagner (Free University of Berlin)
Geoffrey Waite (University of Iowa)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Sander Gilman (German Literature)
Neal Zaslaw (Music)


Invited Fellows
Terry Eagleton (Lancaster University, Oxford)
Alexander Zholkovsky (University of Southern California)

Society Fellows
Robert Harbison (Architectural Association School, London)
Judith Herrin (Warburg Institute)
David Lehman (poet and literary critic)
Pamela O. Long (University of Maryland)
Karlis Racevskis (Wright State University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Jeremy Cohen (Near Eastern Studies)
Esther Dotson (History of Art)
Giuseppe Mazzotta (Romance Studies)


Invited Fellows
Charles Gibson (History, University of Michigan)
Sir Edmund Leach (Anthropology, Cambridge)
Biancamaria Tedeschini-Lalli (American Studies, University of Rome)

Society Fellows
Hermann Danuser (Musicology, Padagogische Hochschule Berlin)
Michael MacDonald (History of Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Craig Reynolds (History, University of Sydney)
Michael Ryan (Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, University of Southern California)
Michael Sprinker (English, SUNY Stony Brook)
R.H. Stephenson (German Literature, University of Glasgow)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Davydd Greenwood (Anthropology)
Dominick LaCapra (History)


Invited Fellow
Richard Sorabji (Philosophy, New York University)

Society Fellows
Henry Blyth (Classics, St. Mary's College, University of London)
Andrew Harvey (English, All Souls College, Oxford University)
Victor Lieberman (Asian and European History, Hatfield Polytechnic, England)
Garrett S. Olmsted (Anthropology and Celtic Languages, Harvard University)
Edith D. Sylla (History of Science, North Carolina State University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
James A. Boon (Anthropology)
Winthrop Wetherbee (English)


Invited Fellow
Rene Wellek (Comparative Literature, Yale University)

Society Fellows
Kennell Jackson, Jr. (History & Anthropology, Stanford University)
Barbara Malament (History, Queens College)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Martin Bernal (Government)
Nelly Furman (Romance Studies)


Invited Fellows
Philip Grierson (Numismatics and History, Cambridge)
John Kelleher (Irish History and Literature, Harvard University)

Society Fellows
Jerald Bullis (English, Lawrence)
Frederic Nef (Philosophy of Language, E.P.H.E., Paris)
Victor Skretkowicz, Jr. (English, University of Ottawa)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Karen Brazell (Asian Studies)
Kevin Clinton (Classics)
Clive Holmes (History)
Terence Irwin (Philosophy)


Invited Fellows
Louis Bergeron (History, E.P.H.E., Paris)
Warner Berthoff (English, Harvard University)

Society Fellows
David Cast (History of Art, Bryn Mawr)
Henry D. Smith II (Japanese History, Columbia)
Richard Weisberg (Literature and Law, Yeshiva University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Ciriaco M. Arroyo (Romance Studies)
Robert D. Hume (English)


Invited Fellows
James Cross (English, University of Liverpool)
Peter Hughes (History, University of Toronto)

Society Fellows
Charles Altman (French Literature, Bryn Mawr College)
Jean-Claude Bonne (History of Art, E.P.H.E., Paris)
Lisa Jardine (Renaissance Study, Warburg Institute)
James Patrick (Music, Princeton University)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Ephim Fogel (English)
Isaac Kramnick (Government)
Norman Kretzmann (Philosophy)


Invited Fellows
Paul Grendler (History, University of Toronto)
Jacques Roger (History, University of Paris)
Romila Thapar (History, Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Society Fellows
Richard Lourie (Russian Literature, University of California at Berkeley)
Helen Regueiro (Comparative Literature, Columbia University)
Malcolm Smith (French Literature, University of Leeds)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Archie R. Ammons (English)
Michael E. Meeker (Anthropology)


Invited Fellows
Hubert Damisch (History of Art, Ecole Normale Superieure)
A.C. Graham (Chinese Studies, University of London)

Society Fellows
Christopher J. Bruell (Political Science, Boston College)
Fu-mei Chang Chen (Chinese Law, Harvard)
Francesco del Punta (Philosophy, Oxford)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Robert E. Kaske (English)
David Lyons (Philosophy)


Invited Fellows
Heinz Politzer (German, University of California at Berkeley)
D.P. Walker (Renaissance Studies, Warburg Institute)

Society Fellows
Joseph Harris (Old Icelandic Literature, Stanford University)
Dorothy R. Koenigsberger (Intellectual History of the Renaissance, Wells College)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
John Hsu (Music)
Cushing Strout (English)


Invited Fellows
Bojan Bujic (Music, University of Reading)
Joseph Kerman (Music, University of California at Berkeley)
Hayden White (History, University of California at Santa Cruz)

Society Fellows
B. Darrell Jackson (Philosophy and Religion, Queens College, N.C.)
Paul Schwaber (English, Wesleyan)

Cornell Faculty Fellows
Thomas Hill (English)
Edward Morris (Romance Studies)


Invited Fellow
Arthur Adkins (Classics, University of Chicago)

Society Fellows
J.E. Chamberlin (English, University of Toronto)
Winfried Kudszus (German Literature, University of California at Berkeley)
Robert Starobin (History, University of Wisconsin)

Cornell Faculty Fellow
Herbert Dieckmann (Romance Studies)


Invited Fellows
Harold Bloom (English, Yale University)
Y.R. Chao (Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley)
Michael Thelwell (writer, University of Massachusetts)
Lynn White, Jr. (History, University of California at Los Angeles)
Frances Yates (Renaissance Studies, Warburg Institute)

Society Fellows
Alexander Gelley (Comparative Literature, University of California at Irvine)
George P. Landow (English, Columbia University)
Eric Regener (Music, Princeton University)

Cornell Faculty Fellow
Allan Bloom (Government)


Invited Fellows
Northrop Frye (English, University of Toronto)
Rudolf Kolisch (New England Conservatory of Music)
Jean Seznec (French Literature, All Souls College, Oxford University)

Society Fellows
Leonard Duroche (German Literature, University of Minnesota)
Julian Mayfield (writer)
Michael Ross (English, Vassar College)

Cornell Faculty Fellow
Victor Turner (Anthropology)


Invited Fellow
Philippa Foot (Philosophy, Oxford)

Cornell Faculty Fellow
Neil Hertz (English)