Humanities Corridor Conference Initiative

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Large Conference Funding for Cornell University


  • Up to $10,000 in support of one conference or workshop on Cornell’s campus
  • The conference or workshop must meet Corridor criteria of involving at least one faculty collaborator from another Corridor member institution (Syracuse University, University of Rochester, or Liberal Arts Six institutions) during planning stages and as presenter(s) at the conference
  • All or part of the event must be open to the public
  • It should be in early planning stages (i.e., at least 1 year - 1.5 years away) in order to be truly collaborative and co-created with Corridor partners
  • It must be affiliated with a Humanities Corridor working group: either an existing working group or a new working group may be created for its planning and execution
  • This funding is not intended for hosting annual meetings/conferences for discipline-specific organizations requiring membership (such as APA, MLA, GSA, etc.)

Application Procedure

  • A pre-proposal must be submitted to Emily Parsons ( at the Society for the Humanities prior to Corridor CFP deadline of October 19 (pre-proposal due October 8)
  • If pre-proposal is selected, a full working group proposal as well as a conference/workshop proposal must be submitted by Corridor RFP deadline via the Corridor’s website:
  • Pre-proposals must include:
  1. Name(s), department(s) of Cornell organizer(s)
  2. Corridor collaborator(s): name, department, institution
  3. Any other Cornell collaborators
  4. Proposed or existing working group name and associated Corridor cluster (see
  5. One page description of proposed event, including possible invitees and any outcome objectives such as publications or plans for continued Corridor collaboration
  6. Anticipated dates or timeframe for event
  7. Estimated total budget with brief breakdown (specifics will be required later; this should be a simple outline of why this level of funding is needed)

About the Corridor

The Central New York Humanities Corridor is a unique regional collaboration designed to enhance the profile, scholarly prominence, and impact of interdisciplinary humanities in Central New York.

Cornell community members with questions about the Corridor should contact Emily Parsons (, Program Manager of the Society for the Humanities.